he’s complicated….

he lost a tooth!

he lost a tooth!

This week I got to have a talk with Dr. V, the surgeon in Cincinnati who is leading the team that is now working on Isaac. As with every conversation we have ever had with a medical professional he started with “well, Isaac is pretty complicated”. And he IS pretty complicated, but he is also our beautiful almost 6 year old.
It’s hard to look at that gorgeous face and know how very complicated he really is. It’s also hard to know that these “complications” get in the way for him to the extent that they do, and that they are what is predicting his quality of life at this point.
What it comes down to is that Isaac’s lungs need protecting more than anything. The biggest concern is the dirtying of his lungs, and what that could do to his respiratory status later in life. We have never placed emphasis on his lungs before, but this amazing team is. They are discussing him a lot, and they are determining the best way to make his life fully livable.
We are very excited about what we have heard so far, and we are happy to have once again found a team that is willing to take on an uber complicated little boy.
As Dr. V and I talked shop he asked how Isaac is doing, and I told him about this our latest excitement (see above!)….. Isaac lost a tooth! He was nearly as excited as we were, and the beauty of a little bit of “normal” excitement wasn’t lost on him. That was when it started to make sense, a surgeon who understands the excitement of losing a first tooth….. it is pretty complicated, huh?

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