Brand new esophagus!!!

Brand new esophagus!!!

5 years ago tonight, this was what we were looking at…….. a little boy who had been in surgery for somewhere around 8 hours. Today is the anniversary of the day Isaac got his esophagus connected. It is a day we dreamed about for almost a year, and now one we will soon be replacing with a new type of “versary”.
This picture isn’t easy for most people to look at, but it is really one of the most beautiful photos ever taken of Isaac. On this day we were so excited to see him that we didn’t give the nurses time to clean him up, we rushed right in to see our brave boy.
Recently, there has been some talk amongst medical parents of a photo of another little boy, in the hospital and connected to wires and machines. This little boy’s dad had a photo of his beautiful, brave son banned by facebook for being offensive (they have since apologized). I see photos of these kids and I am in awe of what they live through and overcome.
I photograph all of Isaac’s journey – because it is a part of him, and it is beautiful. It shows just how strong and resilient he is. It gives us a way to remember the beauty of moments that we may not have seen the beauty in at the time we were living it.
Tonight we will celebrate Isaac’s esophaversary with ice cream, and remember a time when ice cream wasn’t even possible.

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