Day of change

the first couple of RMH

the first couple of RMH

Today is officially the “Day of Change”, this is a day where we are encouraged to go to our local McDonald’s (who really needs to be encouraged to do that??!) and deposit our change in the collection boxes for the Ronald McDonald House.
We are happy participants in this activity, the Ronald McDonald House is literally our home away from home. Our first stay at an RMH lasted 8 months. For 8 months we had a place to sleep and home cooked meals, we also had a place to connect. When you live somewhere for 8 months you get to know people pretty well, whether you like it or not. After a few months in Minneapolis started getting to know other families, families we never would have known in our regular life. Families that had a sick baby, a chronically ill child, or had a perfectly healthy child at home who suddenly wasn’t perfectly healthy. We experienced a lot of loss, all of those families will stay with us for a lifetime.
We also experienced a level of friendship we never imagined. We refer to our RMH peeps (staff included!) as our family, and they are truly are. We got to know people on a level you probably shouldn’t, in a place you’d rather not be. We shared our ups and downs, and did it all in the comfort of a nice, big, comfy house.
When you have a child in the hospital life becomes about that child. RMH gave us an escape, it gave us a place to sleep at night, we didn’t have to worry about how we would pay for it, or how long we could stay.
We also never had to worry about where our meals would come from. THIS is huge. First of all, the expenses of eating while your child is hospitalized add up. On top of that, hospital food can get pretty bad 🙂 At RMH volunteer cooks come in to make meals every night, and often times brunch on Sunday. There are fridge’s full of leftovers and pantries stocked with food that anyone can take from. The desserts alone can keep a tired mom and dad going 🙂
RMH made a profound impact on our lives, to give a little back we will be stopping by our local McDonald’s tonight to drop some change, pick up a Sweet Tea (Isaac’s favorite!) and spend a few minutes being grateful.

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