fitting in….

Fitting in is pretty important to any kid, so of course it’s important to Isaac. As he approaches the age of 6 we see his desire to fit in get bigger and bigger, and we are working really hard to help him be as normal as he can.
Going to school has totally changed Isaacs perspective, this year he has a lot of friends at school and they have formed their own little circle. One of the most important parts of any school day is lunch, the importance of lunch is not lost on Isaac.
You do have to bear in mind that Isaac’s surgical team has stated that he should not eat by mouth, at all. Luckily for Isaac we don’t always follow rules in this house, this is one of those times. Isaac wants to sit with his friends and eat lunch, the social implications are important, and the fact that a kid with an oral aversion wants to eat is even more important.
So, every day we pack Isaac lunch. This “lunch” can consist of any one of his favorites – candy corn, milk with cereal, oreos, or yogurt. He doesn’t eat it all, but we let him choose each night and we pack it up. Because of this, Isaac gets to sit at lunch and interact with her peers, he gets to fit in.
We hung out with some of our local EA friends recently, their son Trent is a lot like Isaac. He had an attempted repair here in VA, ultimately went to Minnesota, and currently has a pretty cruddy esophagus. Like Isaac he is J tube fed most of the day. Like Isaac, he wants to fit in. What is different about Trent is that he doesn’t eat food – at all, by mouth. In spite of this, his parents buy him a school lunch every single day, so he can fit in.
Our kids struggle so much with their medical issues, their tubes, their absences. We owe it to them to fit in. No matter the cost.

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