the countdown is on….

After weeks of begging we finally got a date for Isaac’s big surgery…… January 12th is the day we are both looking forward to and dreading all at the same time.
The fact that we are now taking him to have his esophagus dilated every 4-6 weeks means he really needs this surgery. This coupled with the fact that he has a recurrent hole in his esophagus that connects to a hole in his lung means he REALLY needs this surgery. We know how much better his life will be once he is fully recovered, and we’ve been talking to him about that a lot.
We also know this will be a long surgery, with a long recovery. Surgery was once very routine for us, 21 in 3 years makes it normal. Three years have passed since his last surgery, three years of getting used to a little bit of normal. Taking a 6 year old into the OR will be a lot different than sending that nonverbal 3 year old who had little ability to communicate his fears.
He will be angry with us when he wakes up, with good reason. He will be hurting, and confused and have every reason to lose his cool.
For now we start preparing for a day we can’t wait to see, but don’t want to see all at the same time.

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