the “stickies”

One of the consequences of Isaac’s not so functioning esophagus is the narrowing that occurs. The spot where the two pieces of his almost defunct esophagus were sewn together gets strictures – essentially it is so scarred that is narrows.
This narrowing is worse than ever, and happening more frequently. Where we were able to go 6 months without opening it back up for a short period time, we are now barely able to make it a month. Complicating matters more is the fact that the only two doctors in the country who can handle opening Isaac’s esophagus correctly reside in Minneapolis and Cincinnati 🙁
Isaac’s last dilation was 6 weeks ago, at the 5 week mark he started choking again. Choking for him is more than it is for us. He can FEEL the crumb (not kidding, it’s always a crumb) of food that is stuck in his esophagus. These episodes are worse and worse for him, he often cries and asks us if he can go to the doctor, or head straight to Cincinnati to get the crumb out.
This weekend Isaac swallowed a crumb of communion bread at church, and proceeded to gag and wretch for 10 minutes as he tried to unstick it.
This makes us realize how important this upcoming surgery is. Nobody should have to live with an esophagus that causes them this much grief. It is amazing how forward we are all looking to a day we dread so much…….

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