getting closer

At this time next week we should be looking at a boy with a beautiful, new “colophagus”. To say we are a bit anxious would be an understatement, but we are talking it up and trying to keep Isaac’s anxiety down.
He has admitted to us that he is scared, we have assured him that it’s okay to be scared and we are too. This is what is different this time around. Isaac is now old enough to understand what surgery means, he gets it. In the past he was too young to truly get it, and typically we were in an emergency situation and didn’t have the luxury of months of planning.
As we live through the anxiety and stress of this upcoming surgery, we also count our blessings. Isaac is enveloped in love and hope, it comes from near and far. He was the recipient of a beautiful prayer at the end of our church service this weekend – as our church prayed for him he looked me right in the eye and smiled, he feels it. We left church with a stack of “get well soon” cards to hang in his hospital room and several gifts for him to open after surgery. He will also be receiving cards from a family friend who has been collecting them – he will literally be surrounded by love during and after this surgery.
The road to this point has not been easy, but it has been made doable by the love and hope we get from others. Isaac has thrived every time we weren’t sure he could, because he knows how loved he is and it gives him strength.
We look forward to the new life this will bring him and will continue soaking in the love 🙂

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