Brand new colophagus!

If you follow Isaac on facebook then you already know surgery was a success! Dr. V was able to get his chest open with the use of some serious power tools, and able to clean his chest and old esophagus out. He stressed to us that he never wants to open Isaac’s chest again (but I’m sure he would if he had to!).
The interposition was easy to place once they got through the scar tissue in Isaac’s belly and neck (21 surgeries leave a lot of scar tissue). Isaac had a quiet, restful night.
He was still kept heavily sedated today, but was able to wake up a bit and talk to us.
To say this kid is amazing would be an understatement. He spent the day asking us to suction his trach when he needed it and demanding water. Unfortunately water is out of the question until the first scope clears him next week, this will be our biggest hurdle. Halfway through the day he asked me to raise his bed, then asked me to help him sit up. This kid, who had his belly cut down the middle and his chest cut half way around his body yesterday asked me to help him sit up without the bed behind him. He did this repeatedly, then asked for a bath and soaked his feet in the basin.
Isaac never ceases to amaze us. We have a long week of no water and a very annoying nose tube ahead of us, but his strength and determination make it so totally worth it.

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