Feeding tube awareness week!

Getting the J tube changed!

Getting the J tube changed!

This week we celebrate feeding tube awareness, which also turns into a celebration of our favorite tubie! It’s no secret that Isaac relies on tube feedings to exist, it’s also no secret this feeding tube is sometimes the bane of our existance.
For obvious reasons (inability to swallow being top!) Isaac has had a feeding tube his entire life. This tube has either been a G tube or a J tube.
We have developed a love/hate relationship with Isaac’s tubes. They keep him alive, this we love. We can offer him a variety of nutrition, and often blend food to give him into his tube.
Unfortunately these tubes clog often, and depending on the type have to be changed by a radiologist. We keep a stockpile of tubes in our basement, as local hospitals don’t always have them available. Isaac HATES having his tube changed, you can imagine that having a tube pushed through a hole in your stomach and threaded into your intestines while you lay flat on a table probably isn’t very comfortable.
In the end, our super tubie is who he is because of his tube, and we are grateful for that.

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