first time sledding - so brave!!

first time sledding – so brave!!

We use the word brave a lot with a kid like Isaac. He is brave, he has proven it over and over again. Sometimes though, it’s okay to not be brave.
We walk a very fine line with the use of the word – we want him to be brave and feel brave, but we don’t want him to have to be brave. We never want him to think there is anything wrong with not being brave.
We tell him a lot that it’ okay to cry, to be angry, to be sad. We try to reinforce to him that he doesn’t have to be brave, he can be a lot of things. We also tell him that we aren’t always brave either.
This week Isaac had to have his feeding tube changed, something that he dreads. He cried, and was brave all at the same time. I think this is the balance that we need, we need him to be brave, and sometimes he needs to be sad.
We got lucky this week, as soon as that tube change was over it started to snow. Isaac has never gone sledding, he’s always been sick when we happen to get good snow. This time he was ready – he went sledding. This is a different type of brave, but a very important one too.

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