the story behind the scars

I stated in conversation recently that the reason I take photos of Isaac even after a recent surgery is because I want him to look back and know the story behind his scars… she suggested that would make a good blog entry – so here it goes:)
This is where it all began…….

newborn Isaac

newborn Isaac

You still carry scars on your hands and feet from the early IVs.
We eventually found our way to Minnesota, where Dr. Hess used “buttons” on your back that connected to stitches that grew your esophagus…..
the button

the button



This is what you looked like while your esophagus grew –


Eventually your esophagus grew so much that it could be connected!
As time went on there more surgeries. Some repaired more holes in your esophagus, some fixed problems with your stomach…
40206_1517009198698_7121573_n (2)421476_3077330085745_284473807_n
As time went on you found ways to still have fun – you had friends that visited and a baby brother to keep you company!
405852_3117519410453_1580912223_nIsaac and Ireland Isaac and Ireland[/caption]
Sometimes you had to come home with tubes attached to you.
Eventually we found a team in Cincinnati that could really help you –
You look back at these pictures, even at the age of 6 and ask questions and talk so openly about these tough times. Someday you can tell the story yourself!

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