He eats!


Amazing things are happening in Isaac’s world, the picture above is proof. Our only goal when Isaac was born was to get him to a point where he could eat. We had no idea how difficult that would be, and all that would happen to sidetrack us from that goal.
For a long time our goal shifted – it was often just to keep him healthy and safe.
The ultimate reason for Isaac’s surgery this past January was to essentially save his life – he couldn’t go on getting fistulas, at some point his lung was going to be lost.
A perk to the surgery was putting Isaac in a position to safely eat, but we didn’t see that happening anytime soon. Over the years we’ve learned to follow Isaac’s lead, all while understanding that anything that can go wrong for Isaac will go wrong.
We started feeding therapy a few weeks ago with some pretty big long term goals. We want Isaac to be interested in food, to enjoy it. Enjoying food is so much more than nutrition, we can keep him nourished with his feeding tube. We want him to sit at dinner with us and enjoy the food and conversation, to sit with his peers at a table and do the same.
We figured it would be a long road, because that’s how life is with Isaac.
He AMAZED us when he exceeded our very basic expectations. We have a little boy who has worked so hard for everything in his life – and he is finally able to enjoy the results. He is willing to try anything his therapist asks him to try, and at home he is requesting foods he likes!
Of course eating is a relative term when it comes to a kid like Isaac, we’ve come to view a few bites as a victory – after all he has been through victories are really nice.

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