Last week Isaac got sick. Not just sick, but SICK. We saw it starting, and hoped it was just a cold….. it wasn’t. Within 2 days he was requiring oxygen at home, by the third day he was being admitted to our local hospital.
As it turns out, he had RSV – in the average person this looks like a nasty cold. For Isaac it is very scary. He couldn’t keep his oxygen levels up, and was working so hard to breathe that he was exhausted. At the same time, he was working so hard to breathe that he couldn’t relax and go to sleep. It was scary. Kids with compromised lungs and immune systems get so sick, so fast – this is why we panic at every turn with him.
We are blessed to have an amazing team very close by – between his pediatrician and the doctors we know so well at our local hospital he was well taken care of. We briefly toyed with moving him to a bigger hospital, with an ICU, but we were able to bring the ICU to him by hauling in some equipment from home.
Within a few days we had a kid who was feeling a little bit better and able to go home.
I’ve joked that whenever Isaac sees us settling into our daily, normal lives and getting too comfortable he likes to throw us a curve ball, just as a reminder. Last week was it – he reminded us not to get caught up in the “to do” list, not to get caught up in work and who needed us the most, and not to get caught up in forgetting what we are truly grateful for.
Once again, Isaac shows us where our focus should be.

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