A new year..

First onesie :)

First onesie 🙂

New years always bring changes, right? Last year we were amping up for the big surgery coming Isaac’s way… this year we are exploring footed pajamas 🙂
There are many things Isaac misses out on because of his feeding tube and trach – footed pajamas has always been one of those things. I never thought much about it, some things just don’t seem like a big deal to mom. A few weeks ago Isaac’s little brother rocked a pair of footed pajamas, and Isaac asked for a pair for himself.
Of course, this creates some logistical issues. Isaac’s feeding tube is attached at night, as is his pulse oximeter.
We did an informal facebook survey and learned that a lot of parents cut holes in their kid’s pjs and call it day, so we did! Last night Isaac spent his first night in footed pajamas 🙂 Such a small, but exciting milestone!
Because he likes to continuously keep us on our toes he is starting 2016 with a new medical challenge, we’ll be adding hearing aids to his list of accessories 🙂 Isaac failed his 4th hearing test today, so we’ll be consulting for hearing aids… just another step in the journey.

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