the hard questions…..



Isaac recently started to see a chiropractor, this week on the way to see Dr. Will he and his brother were full of questions. Lot’s of “why did God decide” questions…….. which led Isaac to ask “why did God decide I need a trach”. Wow.
I thought of a lot of things in the split second before I answered. I’m not going to lie, for a second I considered blaming this one on God, just letting him take one for the team. Then I thought about it. I told Isaac that it wasn’t God who decided, I told him that his mommy and daddy asked God for a beautiful baby, and that is what we got. We may have forgotten to tell God we’d like a beautiful baby with a whole esophagus 🙂
I went on to explain that when the doctors tried to make him better, they hurt his breathing. So his mommy and his daddy and his doctors and nurses decided to give him a trach – so that he could live. He understood that God made him strong enough to live, we just had to offer a little help.
It was a tough question to answer, but one that I’m sure he’s wondered about. Of course mommy continued to think about this and hope I had given the right answer…. then I looked up as Isaac was working with the doctor and saw the image above. I knew at that point that they were both listening carefully and really seemed to get it.

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