being 7 ain’t always easy…..

3 amigos

3 amigos

Our days continue to go well, that new colophagus is serving Isaac very well. Sometimes we find ourselves just drifting through days, and through our routine effortlessly. We are constantly on the go and now that the weather is nice we are constantly outside being kids 🙂
Sometimes just being kids isn’t easy. Isaac is different, this is an undeniable fact. His physical differences do set him apart. Those that know him know that he is really a normal 7 year old with a few unique accessories. Unfortunately, not everybody takes the time to get to know him.
I learned this week (through his trusty confidant, and BFF – his cousin, Brooklyn) that when Isaac’s class mixes with other classes at school some of the kids won’t play with Isaac. One has to assume it is the trach that is causing this (God knows it scared me to death for quite some time, and sometimes still does today!), he is so very lucky to have a true BFF in his cousin, and a brother who loves him – because they truly stand by him no matter what. He’s also been blessed with a few true good friends (ok, forced because his mommy’s bff has a little boy his age!) who invite him to parties and treat him just like any other 7 year old…….
In the end though, as a mom this just makes me sad. There is no other way to explain it. I am relieved that Isaac hasn’t noticed because he has a cousin who looks out for him, but I am sad that someday he might notice. I am sad for the kids who aren’t taking the time to get to know this incredible little boy, who probably shares their interests (Mario Kart and bike riding anyone??). I am sad that in this day and age children are still ostracized for being different – in any way, shape or form.
We hope to get Isaac involved in scouting, so that he has a core group friends for times like this in the future. I am also hoping to get his school on board with a little “this is Isaac” introduction to all first grade classes next year, and maybe a little bit more disability awareness throughout the school – as physical disabilities come in so many shapes and forms.
Maybe by pushing the acceptance of a kid with a trach, we can teach acceptance on a bigger scale – those that are different from us don’t have to be scary, sometimes they can be our very best friend – hiding behind a trach.

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