I took Isaac to the dentist a few weeks ago, always a fun trip! As he sat in the chair the hygienist pointed out that he was her second trached patient that day.
As we talked she started asking questions about his trach, which Isaac and I were both able to answer (he’s getting pretty good at that!). Her final question kind of threw us both for a loop……
“What are the limitations of having a trach?”. Hmmmmmm……. certainly there must be some, right?? We both sat and wracked our brains for a few minutes. I finally came up with swimming- trached kids shouldn’t swim, the emphasis on the shouldn’t 🙂
I seriously couldn’t come up with one more real limitation. In my mind there are so many – but in reality Isaac has really proven that aren’t. Anyone who has seen him FLY down the street on his blue scooter really knows that nothing limits this kid!
This past year with him has been nothing short of amazing. We are no longer living life waiting for the next catastrophe. There are still ups and downs, but the ups are starting to way outnumber the downs – we really can’t ask for more.

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