another day, another operation…..

just hanging out at the dr's office.....

just hanging out at the dr’s office…..

Isaac is scheduled for surgery to untether that spinal cord on November 1st. We were surprised by how quickly they wanted to get him in, but apparently those tethered cords are not to be played with! It’s been a whirlwind of preparing, lots of calls between myself and doctors and a few visits to make sure we are cleared for surgery and have a plan for keeping Isaac as healthy as possible.
With any luck he’ll be up and moving quickly, and at much lower risk of pneumonia or further lung complications. This is out of our norm, pretty much every other surgery has been related to his esophagus or airway, so it will be a new experience for all of us.
Isaac is handling this one in stride. He is asking great questions, and even asked me to drive by the hospital so he could see it (luckily we were around the corner). He and I created a list of items to pack (he is very nervous about forgetting clean underwear!), he’s really been involved in this process.
As always, his strength and resiliency continues to amaze us.

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