Time sure does fly……


…. when you are busy being HEALTHY!! The past year for Isaac has been nothing short of remarkable. He has been healthier and happier than we ever thought possible. He was up and walking 2 days after spinal cord surgery and has grown an astounding TWO pants sizes this year!
For a long time it was hard to imagine good days, or stretches of time that didn’t involve panic and jumping on a plane to get to the closest surgeon who could calm our fears and make Isaac healthy gain – even if only for a short time.
We have spent the past year being so normal it’s kind of crazy. Isaac loves Cub Scouts and he’s rocking first grade. He has an incredible group of friends now that see nothing more than their friend Isaac. He’s no longer the sick kid that can’t make it through a school day, and has to rush off for weeks to months at a time to heal. He’s just Isaac.
We head to Cincinnati at the end of this month for a yearly scope, and to show off how far he has come because of that incredible team of doctors. We plan to put out a request for discussion regarding airway surgery to get the trach out, but understand that he is doing so well we may not want to fix what isn’t broke 🙂
Finally, this week was feeding tube awareness month – we give a lot of credit to the “team” (doctors, nurses, therapists) that have gotten Isaac to where he is, but sometimes we forget the non human members of the team. Isaac remains tube fed, and probably will be tube fed for a while. Because of that tube I have a nearly 60 pound boy to carry to bed most nights!

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