Photo Love

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2 thoughts on “Photo Love

  1. This is a beautiful family. We keep praying that Isaac will be well soon. He is a very happy little fellow because of the love of his family. So far all we have been able to do is send donations to Ronald McDonald house. If there is something else that we can do please let us know. Our love goes out to this whole family.

  2. I just read your first-person article on the CNN website, and wanted to say how touched I am by your articulate and reasoned explanation of what you and Isaac are going through. He & you have been given a true cross to bear, but what comes through the story just as much is that he’s a very blessed boy indeed, to have such a strong and loving family. I’m as totally baffled by our Congressmembers who want to deny us what I feel should be a basic human right, as you probably are, but if you are spiritual people, you will agree that God only gives us burdens we can manage. I wish I could offer a donation rather than just empathy (we’re a struggling self-employed family lurching from one financial crisis to the next, like so many). But God bless you all and thank you for reminding us readers why as Americans “we’re better than this.”

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